Veggie Coloring Sheet! – Nurture Life

In this cute coloring sheet, the little veggies are trying their best to show you how they feel about food. It’s a great way for children and adults alike to get some fresh ideas for what makes up a healthy diet.

“Nurture Life” is a website that provides finger foods for people who are looking to eat healthier. The site also has coloring sheets that can be used as an activity for children.

Veggie Coloring Sheet! - Nurture Life

When you offer your kid opportunities to engage with vegetables outside of their plate, they are more likely to approach them with ease when they do appear at mealtime. Print out our coloring page to create a fun vegetable world for your kids to create!


Katie Klepek is a writer.

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The “green vegetables for babies 4-6 months” is a coloring sheet that shows the different colors of vegetables. The vegetable in the middle is green and has been drawn to show how it looks when it’s cooked.

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