Can You Freeze Sushi? We Tested It Out

Did you know that the temperature of sushi can be changed by either freezing or thawing? We decided to test this out and see if it actually made a difference in taste. Turns out, we were right!

We wanted to know if it was possible to freeze raw sushi fish. We tested out the process and found that it is not possible to freeze raw sushi fish.

Can You Freeze Sushi? We Tested It Out


Even for those who get sushi on a regular basis, knowing how much to order may be difficult. This raises the issue of whether you can freeze sushi if you have leftovers.

Instead of looking up the answers online, we spent the money on a variety of sushi, which we then froze to discover the true answers. We used the information to build this comprehensive guide about sushi preservation, and we hope it answers all of your concerns.

Is it safe to store sushi in the freezer?

Sushi may be frozen for up to three months without risking food safety. Once thawed, the grade of sashimi was good, according to our tests. Even after just a few days in the freezer, the rice component in Rolling in the state of Californias, maki rolls, inari, and nigiri was dry and unpleasant once defrosted.

Sushi varieties After defrosting, the quality Would we thaw out again?
Sashimi 9/10 Yes
Inari 6/10 No
Nigiri 5/10 No
California roll 4/10 No
Maki roll 3/10 No

Sashimi: The raw fish that was frozen on its own won this trial. The color, texture, and taste of the salmon and tuna remained unchanged after thawing. No one would be able to tell it wasn’t fresh.

The FDA mandates that raw fish be frozen before being served to eradicate parasites. This corroborates our results that frozen fish is still delectable.

Sushi with rice: Any sushi including rice should not be frozen. It becomes dry and crumbly, which is the polar opposite of fresh sushi rice.

Surprisingly, we discovered that nori paper held up better than we had anticipated. If you’re in a hurry, you can freeze it, but it’s better to keep it refrigerated.

Cucumber and avocado, among other sushi ingredients, lost part of their color and texture. Once thawed, sauces like mayonnaise didn’t have the same delectable, smooth consistency.

1638479489_394_Can-You-Freeze-Sushi-We-Tested-It-OutAfter freezing, sushi rice becomes brittle and dry.

How long can I keep sushi in the fridge?

Sushi may be kept at room temperature for up to 2 hours before the risk of foodborne disease greatly rises. Raw sushi may be refrigerated for 1-2 days after this time before being thrown. Sushi that has been cooked may be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days, but the rice will lose its freshness.

How to Freeze Sushi at Home

  1. Wrap each piece of room temperature sushi individually in cling wrap and store in an airtight container.
  2. Date and kind of sushi should be written on the container.
  3. To reduce temperature fluctuations, put the container at the back of the freezer.

1638479490_526_Can-You-Freeze-Sushi-We-Tested-It-OutBefore freezing, wrap sushi in small groups or individually.

Sushi freezing advice

  • Sushi should be wrapped individually to prevent them from sticking together.
  • Toss away any sushi that has been out of the fridge for more than 2 hours.
  • Freezing will not eliminate all of the bugs.
  • Sushi that has been slathered with mayonnaise, wasabi, or soy sauce should not be frozen. Once defrosted, the texture won’t be fantastic.

What is the best way to thaw frozen sushi?

Transfering sushi to the fridge and leaving it there overnight is the safest method to defrost it. It’s faster to defrost them on the counter, but they may thaw unevenly, raising the risk of bacteria development.

Sushi may also be thawed by placing it in a ziplock bag and submerging it in a basin of warm water. The sushi should be ready to eat in 30 minutes.

Some people advise defrosting in the microwave, but we don’t encourage it. Hot regions may cause dry, inedible sushi pieces.

1638479491_846_Can-You-Freeze-Sushi-We-Tested-It-OutFood in airtight containers is protected from oxygen and smells.

Questions that are often asked

Is it possible to freeze sushi rice?

Sushi rice is best consumed the same day it is prepared, since it becomes dry and crumbly after being defrosted. Allow the rice to cool before transferring it to plastic bags and sealing them. Label the container with the current date and keep it frozen for up to three months.

Keep in mind that although we don’t advocate freezing sushi rice, cooked rice such as basmati and jasmine may be frozen.

I’m not sure how to determine whether sushi has gone rotten.

To prevent unwelcome stomach viruses or worse, throw away sushi that has been out of the fridge for more than two hours. Foodborne infections like listeria don’t give you any warning indications that anything is wrong with the food; you suddenly become sick. Sushi, especially the rice component, is a high-risk dish, so proceed with care.

What’s the best method to keep sushi fresh in the fridge?

Wrap sushi in cling wrap to preserve it in the fridge, making sure no air gets through. The sushi should then be placed in an airtight container and sealed before being refrigerated. If you have a vacuum sealer, vacuum sealing your food is an excellent way to keep it fresh.

Sushi with raw fish should be microwaved until cooked, then refrigerated, according to several web sites. The idea is that cooked fish may be preserved for a few days longer. However, when we tasted it, the fish was rubbery and unevenly cooked. It’s advisable to consume the sushi within one day or chuck it away, in our view.

1638479492_58_Can-You-Freeze-Sushi-We-Tested-It-OutSushi is ideally consumed as soon as possible.

To sum it up

If you have any leftover sashimi packets, freezing them is a good idea. According to the FDA, it’s a food-safe technique, and the freezer helps you reduce food waste.

It’s better to refrigerate all forms of sushi that incorporate rice and consume it the following day. When frozen rice is thawed, it becomes dry. Cucumber and avocado, for example, are OK if frozen for less than a week. Longer freezing time dulls the color and causes the texture to become mushy.

Because you’re dealing with finicky eaters, do you have any leftover sushi? You should go at our illustrated guide to the finest sushi for picky eaters. You may also add a number of other meals to your sushi for extra variation. Here’s a comprehensive list of things to offer with sushi.

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The “can you freeze sashimi” is a question that has been asked many times. We decided to test it out and see if we could freeze sushi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sushi freeze well?

A: No.

Can cooked sushi be frozen?

A: Yes, cooked sushi can be frozen.

How do you preserve sushi for later?

A: The best way to preserve your sushi is a cool, dry spot in the refrigerator.

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