7 Fun Ways to Serve Watermelon for Kids

Watermelon is a summertime favorite that everyone should try. It is low in calories, yet high on flavor and nutrients. The fruit has more than one hundred eighty-three percent of your daily requirement for Vitamins C and A with an abundance of potassium to keep you hydrated, too! Here are some fun ways to serve watermelon at the next barbecue:

Watermelon is a fruit that can be served in many ways. This article offers 7 fun ways to serve watermelon for kids. Read more in detail here: easy watermelon recipes.

Learn about the advantages of watermelon for kids as well as 7 entertaining and simple ways to give it to children that will have them devouring it. 


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Want to pique your child’s interest in watermelon and find some quick and simple serving ideas? You’re at the proper location!

I believe you’ll be astonished to find that watermelon is a great fruit with numerous advantages and reasons to incorporate it in your child’s diet.


Why Should Kids Eat Watermelon?

As a pediatric feeding therapist and occupational therapist, I like watermelon since it’s simple for kids to chew and has a sweetness they often enjoy without being overbearing or even somewhat sour.

It’s the ideal first meal for infants starting to eat table foods, and it’s often one of the first fruits I concentrate on with fussy eaters who only eat a little quantity of other fruits. 

Additionally, it’s easily accessible and often cheap for a variety of families! Watermelons are now mostly seedless, which is also highly beneficial. Kids may enjoy watermelon in so many ways.


Children’s Watermelon Benefits

Since water makes up 92 percent of watermelon, keeping youngsters hydrated and cool may be its greatest advantage. 

It’s the ideal dish to take to a baseball field for a treat after a long game or pack for a picnic on a hot summer day. However, watermelon also contains nutrients like: 

  • More than any other fruit or vegetable, lycopene is an antioxidant that prevents cancer.
  • Supports healthy skin and eyes with vitamin A
  • The immune system and iron absorption are supported by vitamin C.
  • Potassium: Promotes nerve and low blood pressure function
  • Vitamin B6: Aids in neurological, immunological, and digestive health

In a serving of 1 cup, watermelon has just 10 grams of naturally occurring sugars, 45 calories, and no fat. Watermelon is an excellent and healthy snack for youngsters all around.


7 Animated Watermelon Recipes for Children

Did you know there are many fun, but simple ways to serve watermelon that can entice kids—even those who are fussy eaters? All of these watermelon recipes call for seedless watermelons; if you have a watermelon with ordinary black seeds, be careful to pluck the seeds out for little children and teach older ones how to spit them out.

Here are 7 entertaining ways to serve watermelon to your child:


Traditional Triangles with Rinds 


Leave the rinds on while cutting the watermelon into triangles. Your youngster may grab a grip from the rind to help them eat. Children may bite into the watermelon on their own and feel independent. See this guide for the best method to chop a watermelon if you’re intimidated by the thought of doing so.


2. Watermelon cubes  


Cut the watermelon into cubes without the rinds. Although the triangles above may also be used, cubes are ideal for infants and toddlers who are learning to feed themselves bite-sized portions of food.

The huge triangle can be overwhelming for a finicky eater, however. The bite-sized cubes make it easier for finicky eaters to adjust to the new texture.


3. Watermelon in a ball


When I was little, I enjoyed helping my mother roll up the watermelon with a small scooper. Nowadays, I seldom ever see melon prepared in this manner, but youngsters still like eating the watermelon balls! If you don’t already have one, you can get one right here. 


4. Watermelon popsicles, frozen


If you have more watermelon than your child can eat, cut the rind off of part of the triangular slices, then place a popsicle stick into the broad bottom end of the popsicle. After two to three hours in the freezer, serve as a popsicle! 

Because the juice doesn’t spill on them and the freezing gets rid of the texture, picky eaters who have previously rejected watermelon may try it. 

In order to avoid having large rinds all over the place once the kids have done eating them, you may alternatively decide not to freeze them and serve them rindless with a popsicle stick.


5. Kabobs of watermelon


If your child is old enough to manage a stick, skewering cubed or balled watermelon may be a great way to get fussy eaters interested in food and just plain entertaining for all kids. You may add additional fruits to the skewer or leave the watermelon alone.


a watermelon slushie is a 6.


Blend some watermelon till it forms a slushie in a blender. Children can eat it with spoons, or you can add sparkling water, ice, and/or other fruit juice to make it into a drink that they can sip via a straw. 


Watermelon Bowl 7.


Isaac, my kid, deserves all the credit for this concept. Last summer, he asked me if we could chop a large piece of watermelon into the shape of a bowl so he could eat it with a spoon. He has asked for it numerous times afterwards since he enjoyed eating it this way so much. 

Cut off one end of the watermelon and serve it whole with a spoon to create a watermelon bowl. You may trim a little portion of the bottom of the bowl if it continues tipping.

Try grilling watermelon or putting it in a salad with feta cheese and almonds if you have an adventurous child or want to introduce them to watermelon in a variety of settings.  


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The “frozen watermelon kabobs” is a way to serve watermelon for kids. It’s also fun and easy to make.

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