10 Reader-Favorite Food & Kitchen Hacks

Life hacks are one of the most popular topics on TheRichest.com, and we have a list of 10 reader-favorite food & kitchen hacks that you’ll want to try.

The “mom hacks cooking” is a list of 10 reader-favorite food and kitchen hacks. The article includes tips for making your own pasta, freezing pizza, and more.

These food & kitchen hacks are all-time reader favorites!

I’ve never encountered a cooking tip or culinary trick that I wouldn’t at least attempt once.

some fail miserably (sometimes literally).

Others are excellent. Where have you been all my life, I wonder.

I now share these treasures with you.

These are the 10 tips that, throughout the years that I’ve shared them with you, you’ve appreciated and praised the most for helping you save time, stay organized, and even encourage your family to eat more fruits and veggies.

(These statements were all sent by Real Mom Nutrition readers through social media.)

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  • Top 10 Reader-Favorite Food & Kitchen Hacks

Top 10 Reader-Favorite Food & Kitchen Hacks


1. Finely cut and store onions

Use a food processor or small chopper to finely chop onions, then press into freezer-safe bags. So you know what to do when a recipe asks for chopped onion. On occasion, I chop many onions at once in a batch.

When preparing supper, frozen onions may be placed directly from the freezer bag into a hot skillet, saving plenty of time. If you just need a little amount, you may simply cut a piece off.

Bonus tip: I cut onions extremely tiny when my kids were little since they disliked large chunks of onion (this is the small chopper I use and like).

“I acquired this suggestion from you a long back, and I’ve been using it ever since. The time it saves! Jenniffer E.


2. Gather EACH and EVERY bottle of water.

You know all those water bottles in your cabinets and drawers that rattle around? Get a shoe caddy on the back of a kitchen door and fill it with the water bottles, drink containers, and thermoses for your family. Now that they’re all organized and simple to locate, you’ve really freed up a lot of space in the kitchen cabinets. The shoe caddy we use is seen here.

“I grabbed this idea after seeing you post it, and it has changed my life!!! Thanks a lot! — Barbara L


3. Arrange fruits and vegetables.

With my family, putting fruits and vegetables in dishes that are easy to consume is a successful formula. Simply arrange fruits and vegetables in little plates and containers, place them near a lot of people, and watch them go! Additionally, it declutters the fridge, cutting down on food and cash waste.

“We will carry out your proposal, thanks. I wasn’t convinced, but when I put it out there, it simply vanishes! Carly S.


4. Soak sliced apples in OJ.

Here’s of one my kids’ favorite lunch box or snack hacks: Thinly slice an apple, then pour either orange juice or the juice of half a lemon + half an orange over it, and toss to coat. The slices won’t get brown, and the juices infuse the apple with a sweet & zingy flavor.

These are fantastic! My high school kids were addicted once I took some to school (I’m a teacher)! — Sarah S


5. Get a Lil’ Chizler to carry about with you.

One of my go-to kitchen tools for scraping dishes and cast iron pans, removing grime from counters, cleaning the space between the stove and the counter, and many other uses is this small $2 gadget. I have given it to countless people since it is so helpful (yes those are the kind of practical gifts you get as my friend). Get a Lil’ Chizler of your own.

“I purchased them some time ago based on your advice, and I use them for everything! This weekend’s scrambled eggs from the pan, the flour that makes the sludge in the sink, the worrisome crack you mentioned near the stove, the accumulation around the base of the taps, stickers on various objects—the list goes on and on. AWESOME BUY! -Beth D.


6. Slit sticks out of a watermelon

There’s no turning back to wedges after you give this a try! Little hands may easily grip and consume watermelon sticks since they are simple to cut. Bonus advice: To capture all the fluids as you slice the watermelon, place the cutting board inside a baking dish with a rim.

“We exclusively chop watermelons this way from now on,” — Kelly E


7. Reduce sugar by “going halfsies”

Here’s a quick and simple technique to reduce your sugar intake: Combine half of a low-sugar cereal, such as plain o’s, with half of a sweetened cereal, such as honey nut o’s. Despite greatly reducing additional sugar, every mouthful is still tasty. You may also do this with milk, yogurt, plain or sweetened yogurt, and more. View all of my halfsies suggestions (along with the sugar savings!) here.

“Yes!! We follow your advice and do it with yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, cereal, and everything else every day! — Katie L


8. Put out a Snack Platter.

My go-to tool for snacks has always been the Snack Platter. Really, it’s simply normal food. on a dish. But my kids get excited when I say, “I created a snack plate!” When new or unfamiliar meals are served with old favorites, they become more alluring. Here’s how I make my snack platters and why they’re so effective.

“OMG I tried this for my 13 year old picky eater for lunch today. He is <1% on the weight charts so we need to get him to eat more. He thought it was ‘cute’ and before I knew it, he’d eaten everything! That never happens.”–Charlene T.


9. Swap out plastic wrap in favor of these bowl covers.

I ALWAYS use these adorable bowl coverings. THE MOMENT. to cover containers with missing lids, prove bread and pizza dough, store leftovers, and replace plastic wrap. Simply hand wash or machine wash, dry, and use again when they get soiled. Get a pair of bowl covers with a sweet print for yourself.

“Bought these thanks to your recommendation & love them!”–Amy N.


10. Implement a “Chore Stick” program.

All those housework and cooking duties? Participate in the work by including your kids! A few years ago, I implemented a simple chore stick system, and it has been successful ever since. I lay out the sticks on the counter and assign each child around four duties depending on what’s required around the home. It’s simple yet performs superior than any other system I’ve tested. Learn more about this simple system of chore sticks.

Over the summer, I gave it a try, and it was a complete success. — Nicole M

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