The 2nd International Cookbook for Kids School Library Journal 11/04/08 Brimming with eye-catching illustrations and tongue-tempting images, these colorful cookbooks are written with a keen awareness of kids’ abilities, tastes, and interests.

Matthew Locricchio’s The International Cookbook for Kids (2004) highlights classic fare from “the big four” of world cooking—Italy, France, China, and Mexico—while The 2nd International Cookbook for Kids (2008, both Marshall Cavendish; Gr 5 Up) covers the cuisines of the “next big four”—Greece, India, Thailand, and Brazil. Accompanied by step-by-step directions and tantalizing full-color photos, the text is flavored with a pinch of background about each traditional dish and the author’s gusto for cooking.

The joy of food is in its diversity. In The 2nd International
Cookbook for Kids, Chef Matthew Locricchio continues his
exploration of the world’s great cuisines, guiding us on a hands-on
journey filled with the exotic flavors of India, Greece, Thailand,
and Brazil. He opens our eyes to the rich variety of these worldclass
cuisines and teaches us that there is one place where
everyone comes together—the dinner table.

— Chef Frank Brigtsen,
Brigtsen’s Restaurant, New Orleans, Louisiana


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