The Sensory Body Sock Complete Guide 2022

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The “best sensory body sock” is the best way to improve your life. This guide will help you find the perfect one for you.

The Sensory Body Sock Complete Guide 2022

Learn when, why, and how to use sensory body socks to help children relax and become more aware of their bodies. Check out this occupational therapist’s top suggestions for sensory seekers.



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Do you have a child that is always bouncing off the walls? Do they have a penchant for crashing into everything? Perhaps they’re clumsy? Then a sensory body sock might be a terrific sensory exercise to help your youngster relax while also reducing their clumsiness!


What is the purpose of a Sensory Body Sock?

A body sock is a sensory instrument or toy that resembles a large pillowcase, except the opening has a split in the centre and the fabric is elastic. Body socks were created to allow a youngster to crawl inside and stretch out their arms and legs while providing a lot of resistance to the fabric. Kids like putting their heads in as well.

Through intense proprioceptive input, that resistance activates their sensory system. 

One of our eight senses, proprioception, includes receptors throughout our joints and muscles. When such receptors are compressed or engaged by pressure, they convey messages to the brain. Many sensory seekers like the proprioceptive feedback they get when they climb, leap, sprint, squeeze into a small area, or embrace someone. 

The sensory body sock is a straightforward approach to give searchers the proprioceptive feedback they want.  

Some children that seek proprioceptive information do not seem to be able to interpret it properly. The proprioceptive sense exists to help us become more aware of our bodies. Knowing where our arm or leg is without having to look is called body awareness. It enables us to stroll across a room filled with furniture without colliding with anything.

Clumsiness is a term used to describe a youngster who lacks a decent sense of bodily awareness. A sensory body sock enhances proprioceptive input and may aid in the improvement of their feeling of body awareness and spatial awareness!


When Should Your Child Wear a Sensory Body Sock?

Sensory body socks may be worn at different times of the day. Your youngster should have access to it and be able to use it anytime they want. However, you may want to explore delivering proprioceptive input when your kid is struggling to sit still or seems to be seeking it, since this is the core of a sensory diet. 

Give your kid 10 minutes to use the body sock before school if they suffer with hyperactivity at school. Or do they come home with a burst of energy? After school, give it to them.  

If you believe your kid might benefit from wearing a sensory body sock at school, talk to his or her teacher. It could be an excellent approach to include a movement break. Body socks are simple to fold and store in most backpacks.

They may also assist some children in calming down in preparation for sleep at night, so include one in your bedtime ritual may be beneficial.  

Take our free class (which includes a workbook) to learn more about utilizing sensory exercises to help your kid relax and concentrate.  


Choosing the Correct Body Sock Size for Your Child

Body socks are available in a variety of sizes. If you choose one that’s too large, your kid won’t be able to press on the cloth and acquire the proprioceptive feedback he or she needs. 

Instead, they’ll seem to be wrapped in an immense blanket.  

Before you buy a sensitive body sock, make sure you know your child’s height. Then look at the many sizes that are offered by height ranges. For example, a medium may fit children between the ages of 46 and 53 inches, while a large might fit children between the ages of 54 and 61 inches.


In 2022, the Top 5 Sensory Body Socks

The Traditional Body Sock – A typical body sock without the velcro, featuring an elastic opening that runs the length of the sock to make it simple to put on and take off – and it’s also price reasonable. Win, win, win!  


Harkla Sensory Body Sock with Snap Closure — I like that this body sock doesn’t have scratchy velcro, which might upset certain kids. While it costs a few dollars extra, it comes with a lifetime guarantee! It also comes in sizes small through x-large, which can accommodate children up to 5’2′′ tall and some adults.  


Tunnels and Tubes Body Sock and Sack — If your youngster enjoys a lot of resistance, this tube-shaped sack that also serves as a tunnel may be a better choice. It’s incredibly flexible, yet it works in a somewhat different way. It’s lengthy, and getting your legs, feet, and arms inside may be difficult, but if you want to utilize it in a number of ways, it’s a good choice.  


Sanho Body Sox — This body sock has no snaps or elastic openings and looks like a sack. It has great Amazon ratings and comes in a number of colors!     


Both amusement and utility Body Sack – A unique design that differs from the standard body sock. Instead, this is an adult-sized body bag with lots of cloth to wrap around firmly. An alternative for youngsters and adults who wish to wrap it with the option of stretching. 



Learn how to use more sensory activities to help your child relax and focus.

Sensory body socks are one of several tools and activities available to assist your kid with sensory “problems” or demands. Learning which activities are ideal for your kid may alter their life and yours by regulating and balancing them throughout the day, including all the tough moments. 

In this free class, you’ll discover how to employ sensory exercises to soothe and concentrate your kid. 


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