Snack Pots – Reusing Split Yogurt Pots

Do you have a yogurt pot left over from your last batch that did not use? Don’t throw it away, in this article we will show you how to reuse the pot for something else.

The “reuse large yogurt containers” is a great way to re-purpose the yogurt that you bought. It’s also a great way to save money and use less plastic.

Do not discard the yogurt pots in the split style if your children consume them. Clean them off and fill them with delectable food the next day!


Occasionally, my kids like eating those yogurt pots with the split lids. The primary brand is Muller Corner, however I’m aware that several supermarkets also produce their own-brand versions.

I often save the pots, wash them out, and then reuse them to cook enjoyable and wholesome snacks another day since they are pretty durable.

Even though the snacks are all rather simple, something about placing them in these containers appeals to the youngsters. They find it a bit more intriguing than receiving the same goodies on a plate or in a bowl every time.


Strawberries, Breadsticks & Peanut Butter

One of my favorite pairings is this one. Put some peanut butter in the smaller container and some strawberries and little breadsticks in the big compartment.

I find it simpler to first microwave the peanut butter until it is melted, then to pour it into the container.

It will also work with chocolate spread or other nut butters.


Yogurt, Granola & Jam

My kid loves this mixture. homemade granola, plain Greek yogurt, and jam for sweetness.


Pizza sauce with dough balls

Try some bread balls and a tiny amount of pizza sauce for a savory alternative.

The majority of stores now sell dough balls, which take around 5 minutes to prepare in the oven. Pizza sauce may be created at home or purchased.


Vegetables & Hummus

Along with a serving of hummus, sliced crudités like carrots, cucumber, peppers, and cherry tomatoes make a fantastic savory choice.

If your children would like, you could also use another dip.


Please give me a remark and a star rating if you attempt this suggestion. You may send me photos on Instagram as well. I like seeing your works every time! Also, please tell me what other things you would include in your snack pots.

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