Budget Friendly Family Recipes

Budget friendly family recipes are a necessity for anyone who’s looking to save some money on the grocery store. If you’re looking to make your own cooking batch without breaking the bank, these simple dinners and snacks will have everyone raving about how much they love them!

The “cheap easy meals on a budget” is a blog that shares budget-friendly family recipes. These recipes are cheap, easy to make, and require minimal ingredients.

Check out these budget-friendly cooking ideas and money-saving strategies as the cost of almost everything is now rising. The entire family will enjoy them.


Families are clearly feeling the effects of the rising cost of living as it seems that the price of almost everything is rising right now.

Therefore, we thought it would be useful to offer some family recipes that are affordable and some advice on how to stretch your weekly grocery budget just a little bit further.

Meal preparation

Meal preparation is a great way to save money on your grocery bills, eat a little healthier AND avoid food waste.

And Meal preparation doesn’t have to be restricted the evening meals either! Having a meal plan for not only breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks can save those extra mid-week trips to the supermarket where you pop in for just one thing and end up spending an absolute fortune after being lured in by “special offers”.

a dish Making a shopping list that automatically calculates the ingredients and serving sizes for all of your recipes is really simple with an app that includes a meal planner. Making sure you are not overspending at the stores can save you time and money.

My Fussy Eater Recipe App

My Fussy Eater Recipe App

Recipe & Meal Planner App for IOS Users

Recipe & Meal Planner App for Android Users

Cooking in bulk

Cooking in bulk is a brilliant way to get value for money with your ingredients! Whether you are benefiting from buying ingredients in bulk, or taking advantage of special offers and discounts, Cooking in bulk ensures that you use all those ingredients up.

Additionally, knowing that you always have something delicious, nutritious, and home-cooked in the freezer will help you avoid spending money on takeout on those days when life throws you a curveball.

As with Meal preparation, Cooking in bulk doesn’t need to be limited to dinner. Cooking in bulk is great for snacks and breakfast ideas too.

Check out these Family Batch Cook Recipes or these Freezable Batch Cook Snack Ideas for some inspiration or check out the We’re Hungry Cookbook which contains everything you need to know to make Cooking in bulk work for you and your family.

crock pots

crock pots are a fantastic way of cooking cheaper cuts of meat, especially budget cuts of beef or lamb: meaning you can enjoy the tastiest family recipes for a lot less money.

Not only that, crock pots are great for getting family meals organised easily on buy days. Bung all the ingredients in and come back to a healthy family meal in the evening! We’ve loads of ideas for slow cooker dinners here!

Slow Cooker


There are so many ways of using leftovers to make other family meals. Do you have bananas that are nearing the end of their life? With a few store cupboard basics you can make these Strawberry & Banana Cake Bars that are perfect for afternoon snacks or for popping in lunch boxes.

Chicken leftovers from your Sunday roast? Try this leftover roast chicken risotto for a delicious family dinner or in a wrap for a delicious lunchbox option.

These kid-friendly smoothies may be prepared with leftover fruit and vegetables, or you can freeze them as smoothie ice pops for hotter days.

Even leftover pasta meals may be warmed up and sent to school the following day in a thermos or food flask!


We presumably all purchase bread, but it’s one of the things that gets thrown out the most often in homes since it doesn’t get utilized right immediately. I am aware that, as a smaller household of three, we regularly purchase a loaf and end up throwing it away since bread is not consumed promptly.

Toast may be made from frozen loaves that have been cut and placed in the freezer.

And if you can’t help but buy that tantalizing-smelling tiger loaf the next time you’re at the supermarket’s bakery aisle but are worried that you’ll have leftovers that go bad before you can finish them all, have a look at these 10 Leftover Tiger Bread Suggestions for ideas on what to do with them.

what to do with leftover tiger bread

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