4 New Fun & Fresh Finger Foods

Beat the heat with these cool, refreshing and fruity recipes that are perfect for summer picnics.

The “fun run 4” is a new and fresh finger food that has been around for a while. It’s fun for the whole family, and it’s also easy to make!

4 New Fun & Fresh Finger Foods

Inside Nurture Life, Babies, Inside Nurture Life, Inside Nurture Life, Inside Nurture Life, Inside Nur 13th of October, 2021

We’ve created four delectable new dishes for the tiniest gourmet! From a creamy white mac with hidden cauliflower to our newest breakfast-inspired treat, these meals are packed with protein, vegetables, and unique tastes that will broaden your child’s horizons. They also include no added sugar and are ideally proportioned to assist your little one self-feed, as they always are. They’re going to adore them, baby.


We created this delightful dish for your young one, inspired by the umami-rich tastes of fried rice cooked in a boiling hot wok! For a whopping 21g of protein, organic brown rice, carrots, peas, and corn are mixed in a sesame-soy sauce and piled with antibiotic-free roasted chicken and small egg bits. The meal’s deconstructed appearance makes it much easier for kids to investigate!


Our Mini White Mac’s sauce is so creamy and delicious that your little one would never suspect there’s cauliflower in there! It also incorporates broccoli bits mixed in among the shells for an added nutritional boost and a gorgeous splash of green.


Your neighborhood cafe has a lot going on, but it doesn’t offer a breakfast hash created just for your kid! That’s why we made a Finger Food feast out of this diner staple. This dish has all the trappings of your favorite breakfast made tiny for infants and toddlers, including little egg bits, Italian sausage, organic roasted potatoes, and broccoli!


This new Finger Food not only has a delicious sauce, but it also has 16 grams of protein and butternut squash concealed within! We combine small shells with a warming combination of tomatoes, ground beef, pork, stewed carrots, and a dash of parmesan to make this healthful and tasty mix. When you see your child’s sauce-smeared face afterward, you’ll know it’s a hit. Make sure to take a photo!

Please contact [email protected] if you have any queries regarding our new meals or how to introduce them to your baby. We’re always delighted to provide suggestions on how to transition your child to finger foods or what meals to start with.


Steverango, Imaide

Imaide is in charge of designing nutritionally packed, culturally varied meals for newborns, toddlers, and children as a Research and Development Manager at Nurture Life. Her objective is to produce delectable meals that combine protein, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates in recipes that highlight tastes and ingredients that may not be used in the house otherwise. She enjoys the challenge of making vegetables more kid-friendly, particularly when she can put them front and center in a dish. Imaide delivers a blend of culinary experience and nutrition understanding, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in culinary nutrition with an emphasis in clinical dietetics. She was in charge of feeding children aged 6 months to 6 years old in her former employment as Executive Chef and Food Service Director at a daycare facility. This provided her with a solid grasp of the tastes, textures, and components that children like. Imaide’s love of food stems from its ability to bring people together—food teaches youngsters about variety and how what we eat can help us accept one another’s differences.

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