The Best Lunch Packing Gear You Need for Kids & Teens

How to pack a lunch for kids and teens is the subject of much debate. Some schools have banned packed lunches, while others encourage parents to send their children with a healthy midday meal. What are some options on what you should be packing your child’s lunch in? Here are our top picks from that will help get them through the school day without hunger pains!

The “children’s lunch box accessories” is a list of the best lunch packing gear you need for your children and teens. The list includes items like insulated bags, containers, and utensils.

Are you looking for the greatest water bottle, lunchbox, or thermos for kids? Here are some of our tried-and-true picks.

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The adorable water bottle with the leak.

Your first-grader couldn’t open the expensive lunchbox.

the well-known thermos that supplied midday tomato soup that was lukewarm at best.

We’ve all had great aspirations while purchasing new lunch packing supplies, but those dreams swiftly faded into buyer’s regret.

I’ve compiled a list of tried-and-true items for you in a few different categories, so whether you’re a novice stocking up or a seasoned pro updating your stockpile, I hope this list will be helpful.

Because, trust me, I’ve purchased a good number of duds over the years as well.

But this is the equipment that was chosen. These are all things that we really own and utilize. We toast to the end of buyer’s regret!

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A good thermos

We’ve tested a number of thermoses over the years, and the Mira Food Jar keeps food warmer for a longer period of time (we found it works better for liquids like soup than foods like mac-n-cheese FYI). There are several sizes and colors available for the Mira Food Jar. Ours keeps meals warm for five hours and contains 13.5 ounces. Its shape is a little bit thinner than other thermoses, making it simple to pack with side foods in insulated lunch bags.


Thermos Funtainer Food Jar came in second. This one keeps meals warm for five hours and contains 10 ounces. We discovered that it works better with liquids (like soup) than solid meals, similar to the Mira food jar (like pasta). It features a large mouth, solid colors, and entertaining patterns, making it simple to fill and simple for toddlers to eat from.


Teens’ Best Water Bottle

My oldest kid used these Contigo autospout water bottles when he was in high school. It can keep water cool for up to 18 hours, comes in a few colors, and contains 20 ounces. One hand is all that’s needed to open the straw and take a drink thanks to the small design, which fits effortlessly into cup holders and side pockets on backpacks.


Second place: Hydro Flask Yes, it’s popular, and from what I can gather, the stickers that youngsters use to adorn it are what make it so. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors, and it can keep liquids hot or cold for up to 12 hours. There is now a straw with removable covers if your adolescent likes to drink from one.


The best water bottle for young children

We used to have Thermos Funtainers when the kids were little. It is sturdy, can contain 12 ounces, and can keep things cold for 12 hours. And there are a ton of cute patterns available (my boys were partial to Star Wars). Yes, your child will chew on the straw. To change it when things get rough, get a bag of replacement straws.


Yeti Rambler Jr. came in second. In middle school, my younger son switched to this water bottle that seemed more “advanced” (though it still holds just 12 ounces). We like that the spout is simple to flip up and that the water is kept ice-cold. Its only flaw is that it is a little hefty.


Favorite Daily Lunchbox

We’ve used the EasyLunchboxes Bento Lunchbox for years and like how sturdy and adaptable they are. Even my teenagers will pack them for school because of the plain, unadorned style that doesn’t seem babyish. There is always one clean since it is sold in a set of four. You should carry drinks, yogurt, and dips separately since they are NOT leak-proof.


Sistema To Go Snack Attack came in second. Cheryll, a member of the Real Mom Nutrition team, uses them exclusively for her children’s daily lunches. The side compartments’ tiny doors, which are used to neatly contain wayward objects like trail mix, are a favorite opening for her kid. Big or tiny hands may easily open the latching lid, and it fits a lot of food.


Optimal Snack Box

The four compartments of the EasyLunchboxes Bento Snack Boxes are the ideal size for storing a variety of snacks. They are strong, dishwasher-safe, and they are packaged in a set of four. They are not leakproof, much like the EasyLunchboxes bento lunch boxes, so carry drinks and dips separately.

Best Lunch Bag Insulated


Insulated soft-sided lunch bag from Land’s End These lunchboxes were used for years by both of my sons. The EasyLunchbox with cold pack may be slipped into an internal pocket since they are the ideal size for carrying one. Place a little beverage or water bottle to the side. has several hues, and you may even have your name personalized on it.


PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag came in second. It’s unnecessary to hassle with different cold packs. They are already included in this bag. The PackIt bag may be folded flat and frozen before being filled in the morning. comes in a variety of colors and designs and can keep food cold for up to 10 hours. One is used by my husband for business, one by my younger kid for school.


Cute Stainless Steel Cocktail/Dessert Forks, Runner-Up These may be used by your children to spear and consume berries, bits of melon, and other little morsels of food. The adorable forms resemble several that I long ago purchased. Please use your best judgment; my kids never used them as weapons in the lunchroom.

I hope this round-up of the A good thermos for kids, best water bottles for teens and littles, and best lunch boxes and lunch-packing accessories help you and your kids feel better prepared for back to school–at least where lunch is concerned!

Have any of them worked for you, or have you discovered anything else that makes packing a lunch for school simpler? Please tell me about it.


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The “best kids’ lunch boxes for school stainless steel” is a great option for parents. This type of lunch box will keep your child’s food cold and make it easy to find their favorite foods.

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