5 Steps to Recreate Summer Camp at Home

In the summer of 2013, I had to leave my camp of five years and go home. The change was hard on me, but it also taught me a valuable lesson about how to recreate that sense of belonging for anyone who misses their favorite childhood memory by going through old pictures or writing letters.

The “summer camp at home ideas 2021” is a list of 5 steps to recreate the summer camp experience at home. These are good ideas for those who want to create their own summer camp experience.

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It’s easy to see why kids and their parents love summer camp. While children spend hours outdoors with their pals, parents can rest certain that their children are remaining active and engaged throughout the months when they are not in school. However, if you chose to spend this year at home for any reason, we’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas for keeping your kids occupied (and you sane) as you recreate summer camp at home.

1. Discovered a Family Camp 

Create a camp name, logo, and songs to mimic your kids’ typical summer fun! These creative ideas to customize camp at home will show your camp pride: 

  • Come up with a camp name. A name, whether it’s based on your family’s surname, your street name, or your children’s favorite animal, can help at-home camp seem more authentic. 
  • Show off your camp’s logo. Once you’ve decided on a camp name, use your kids’ doodling talents to create a camp logo. To increase camp enthusiasm, paint the emblem on a camp banner, flag, or clothing.
  • Make a camp song. To make a camp chant, use famous camp shouts or make your own rhythm! Incorporate your camp’s name and the names of your campers to make everyone feel proud. 


Create a “Campground” in step two.

It’s time to build up a campsite once you’ve established your camp! After months of being cooped up inside, a place dedicated to all forms of outdoor activities can alleviate cabin fever.

  • Set up a tent. Grab your camping tent or make your own as a fun project! Allow the kids to decorate with their favorite blankets and toys, as well as your camp flag.
  • Dine outside. Bring your dining area outdoors to mimic camp picnic tables! Set up beach blankets and cushions in the yard and install string lights, or take a picnic to a nearby park. 
  • Screen time should be taken outdoors. Set up a flat sheet against your home, spread down blankets, and use this inexpensive projector to turn your backyard into an outdoor “theater.”

3. Participate in camp games

Even while huge summer camp games like capture the flag aren’t possible with an at-home summer camp, there are still methods to be active at home. Here are a couple outdoor games that are just as entertaining even if there isn’t a large camp crowd:  

  • Make a four-square competition. Four square may be played in a variety of ways. Chalk, a bouncing ball, and a few players are all you need. The game may also be adapted for people of all ages.
  • Water balloons are tossed. This game just requires two participants (as well as clothing that may get wet). Fill water balloons of various sizes and see how many times you can throw them without getting drenched!
  • On your front sidewalk, go imaginative. Make a hopscotch challenge for your neighbors to tackle on your sidewalk!

4. Be resourceful

While sports and games may reign supreme at camp, leisure activities provide opportunities for youngsters to be creative and learn while school is out. These ideas for kids of all ages can help you recreate camp crafts at home: 

  • Create camp tees. Keep the messiest projects for the outside! Kids of all ages will enjoy making their own camp shirts. After the shirts have dried, keep your camp spirit alive by painting on your camp logo!
  • Make friendship bracelets by weaving them together. Bring camp-favorite friendship bracelets home with the older kids. Allow them to experiment with various designs and patterns for hours of entertainment.
  • Make a natural history diary. Make nature your school for younger children! Bring a sketchbook to the park and have them draw any flowers, trees, or animals they come across.  
  • Experiment with science. This summer, you don’t have to stop learning! Set up basic outdoor science activities for older children.

5. Prepare easy-to-prepare outdoor meals

Make the most of your outdoor dining space by serving camp meals and goodies. These easy-to-prepare nutritious child meals and snacks will keep your kids energized for their at-home camp activities: 

Even if you don’t send your kids to camp, they can be healthy, active, and happy this summer! Get out there and start camping!



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Summer Camp is a time for kids to get away from the pressures of school and enjoy some fun activities. To recreate summer camp at home, try these 5 steps. Reference: summer camp game ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a summer camp at home?

A: If you find a structure that holds up, like the steps in your house or maybe an old deck chair from outside your home, go ahead and cut it down into four equal pieces.

How do you make a camp at home for kids?

A: Create a fort, dig out a cave and make it cozy for them.

How do I make a summer camp schedule?

A: This is a question that I am not equipped to answer.

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