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Hippie Granola from Matthew Locricchio

Posted by Sandy Gluck

Today on "Everyday Food," our guest was cookbook author and teacher, Matthew Locricchio. His books, including “Teen Cuisine,” are aimed at teaching kids how to cook. Rather than take a pedantic approach, he offers guidance and helps kids learn to cook without pandering to them. I like his recipe style which is "on your mark (gather your ingredients), get set (now prep everything), and cook"! It's fun, and non-intimidating.

Did I mention that Matthew even came bearing gifts? Hippie Granola from "Teen Cuisine," tastes like the best-ever sesame candies-- the kind my aunt Charlotte always kept in a candy dish, on a coffee table near the couch. Matthew's mix of oats, almonds, walnuts, as well as sesame and sunflower seeds is just what I want to be having for breakfast, over ice cream, or as a snack on its own. Bake up a batch, it makes about 3 1/2 quarts. I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

"Teen Cuisine," by Matthew LocricchioThis is the perfect book to give the teen who can't get enough of the Food Network. In this volume, with gorgeous photos from famed cookbook author and photographer James Peterson, the adolescent reader can find recipes and techniques that will more than tempt them. They will probably want to race to the market and create their very own dishes like calzone, pizza, granola, oven-fried chicken and chocolate fondue, just to name a few. It is cleverly designed to engage the reader with directions divided by "On your mark," "Get set" and "Cook!" by Diane Rossen Worthington is an authority on new American cooking.

A fresh batch of cookbooks for family dinners

Mary Ladd

Miami Herald Tribune

TEEN CUISINE’ Matthew Locricchio knows we eat with our eyes before taking a taste. His book (Marshall Cavendish, 208 pages, $22.95) is big on visually appealing pictures to match the recipes for the teen set. Kids who have cooked with Locricchio’s popular International Cookbooks for Kids will find this entry immediately engaging. And if your teen isn’t immediately drawn to the grits and Cheddar cheese souffle, or the quinoa and black bean salad with lime dressing, there are plenty of comfort food standbys, including homemade pizza, po-boys and glazed pork tenderloin.

There’s no cute food here. This book is designed for hearty teen appetites, with safety and cooking tips dispersed throughout. But Locricchio recognizes that many teens already have had ample practice at least thinking about food and even cooking for themselves and younger family members. And the Food Network influence means most teens are unfazed by the term “small dice” — or, for that matter, souffle.

Midwest Book Review Teen Cuisine (Hardcover) Along with being able to read and write, one of the truly life-long skills children can be equipped with is the ability to cook. All to often adolescence is a time of fast-food take-out alternating with microwave fare. What is needed is something to engage teens with the sense of accomplishment that comes from making a meal with their own hands that will be as delicious as it is nutritious. That's where Matthew Locricchio's "Teen Cuisine" comes in. This superbly illustrated 207-page compendium is an instructive collection of 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes of dishes that will appeal to even the most discriminating appetites. From breakfast items like a Fresh Fruit Tostados; to snacks such as a Yogurt and Cucumber Dip; to a variety of 'Celebrity Soups' including New Gazpacho with Chipotle Almond Cream; to salads and dressings such as Chicken Salad with Green Goddess Dressing; to sandwiches and burgers where 'Not-an-Ordinary Grilled Cheese Sandwich' truly lives up to its name!; to pizzas, side dishes, entrees, and desserts, "Teen Cuisine" offers something for every meal time occasion. Enhanced with the inclusion of a list of kitchen pantry essentials, a metric conversion chart, and an illustrated list of kitchen equipment and utensils, "Teen Cuisine" is a welcome and enthusiastically recommended addition to family, school, and community library Cookbook collections.


With its clearly outlined, sophisticated recipes and sumptuous color photos worthy of a coffee-table title, this substantial, well-designed cookbook takes its young audience seriously as it invites them to develop culinary skills. In contrast to some youth cookbooks, there are no condescending attempts to cutesify food on these pages. Locricchio has collected an excellent repertoire of basic dishes that will appeal to a broad teen palette while also reflecting young people’s growing awareness of and comfort with international flavors and healthy choices. A section of breakfast dishes, for example, includes two salsa recipes, an eggless tofu scramble, and “Slow Cakes” made with buckwheat, which, like several other lesser-known ingredients throughout the book, is defined in a succinct, informative sidebar. Also included are comfort-food favorites such as mac and cheese and chicken pot pie; a whole chapter on pizzas; and mouthwatering desserts, including chocolate fondue and ice-cream sandwiches. Safety cautions, equipment suggestions, conversion charts, boxed tips, and a glossary round out this inspiring, contemporary guide, which should be a first suggestion to any aspiring young chef. Grades 7-12. --Gillian Engberg




The New York Times (Just in!!)

Beyond Cupcakes: Children in the Kitchen by TARA PARKER-POPE December 8, 2008:

“…points in a new direction — going beyond cookies and other treats to teach children to cook main courses and side dishes.”

The Daily News December 9,

A new international cookbook for kids

December 9, 2008

Matthew Locricchio’s second book for children, “The 2nd International Cookbook for Kids” (Marshall Cavendish. $18.99) is a great way to introduce budding chefs to international foods, by which I don’t mean shrimp rolls and cannelloni. It’s a spiral-bound, colorful and cheerful book with recipes for soups, noodles, and desserts - all kids’ faves, along with some interesting main courses, by way of Thailand, Greece and Brazil.

You may not tempt your picky eater with lamb curry or fish and shrimp stew, but even the choosiest kids will find some of the other dishes irresistible. Especially when they help make them, which is why embarking on a cooking session to whip up chapati (Indian bread), coconut rice (from Thailand) or wonderful chicken and feta cheese pie, from Greece, is a great idea. All the recipes contain extremely detailed instructions and, thankfully, short ingredient lists. If you’re looking for a fun present for a beginning chef, this is a great one to check out.


  Midwest Book Review
12/ 15/ 08 Do you want children to eat well, help out in the kitchen, learn culinary skills that will last them a life-time? Then you want to avail yourself of "The 2nd International Cookbook For Kids", a collection of thoroughly 'kid-friendly' recipes by professional chef Matthew Locricchio and enhanced with the colorful photography of Jack McConnell. A spiral bound and sturdily reinforced cook book compendium, "The 2nd International Cookbook For Kids" will lay out flat upon a kitchen table or counter for ease of use by young chefs. The sixty classic recipes from Greece, Brazil, Thailand, and India showcase elegant, palate-pleasing and appetite satisfying recipes ranging from Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup; Green Papaya Salad; and Indian Bread; to Garden Vegetable Stew with Coconut; Grilled Chicken with Peanut Sauce; and Sweet Rice Pudding. Of special note is the section devoted to safety in the kitchen, the section providing cooking terms and definitions, and the occasional 'Chef's Tips'. "The 2nd International Cookbook For Kids" is highly recommended as an ideal addition to family and community library cookbook collections for children and their parents.


The Oregonian, Tuesday October 14, 2008

This book made me want to cook a lot more, and I loved learning about different foods from other countries. I wanted to make everything! I actually made a goal to try to make everything in this book.  Tuesday October 14, 2008

The Orlando Sentinel, 11/12/08

Chef Matthew Locricchio's follow-up book to his The International Cookbook for Kids pulls together 60 classic kid-tested recipes from Greece, Brazil, Thailand and India. The easy-to-follow format of the recipes makes this a great workbook for older children and teens with ambitious palates.


The International Cookbook for Kids received the following reviews:

International Cookbook for Kids

Picture-perfect for young cooks.
— Daily News, New York

Dishes that have kid appeal written all over them.
— San Francisco Chronicle

Country-Style Pork…This recipe can be described with just one word: Awesome!
— Boston Globe

The International Cookbook for Kids by Matthew Locricchio is just the kind of cookbook to give a child.
— Kansas City Star

Young and old alike will have fun following classic recipes from four of the world’s finest cuisines—and then sitting down to a great meal.
— Chef Frank Brigtsen, Brigtsen’s Restaurant, New Orleans

High praise is due, then, to Matthew Locricchio's 'The International Cookbook for Kids.'
— Ann Arbor News

For the budding chef, 'The International Cookbook for Kids' is a wonderful way to start down the path of culinary creativity.
— The Post-Crescent, Wisconsin

A tempting buffet of recipes for classic dishes from the 'big four' of world cooking: Italy, France, China, and Mexico. Locricchio promotes cooking as teamwork involving family and friends...a strong collection of popular dishes attractively presented.
— School Library Journal, January 2005

...the perfect introduction to the joys, pleasures, and accomplishments of cooking for kids ages 12 and older...enthusiastically recommended introductory cookbook for young chefs...
— Midwest Book Review, January 2005

The International Cookbook For Kids' by professional chef and caterer Matthew Locricchio specifically designed to be the perfect introduction to the joys, pleasures, and accomplishments of cooking for kids ages 12 and older. Showcasing 60 classic, "kid friendly" recipes from Italy, France, China, and Mexico, each individual dish comes with easy-to-follow directions and involves fresh and nutritious ingredients. Enhanced with the color photography of Jack McConnell, the dishes range from Tortilla Soup; Cold Sesame Noodles; Tomato Salad; and Pasta Sauce from Bologna; to Polenta Pie with sausage and Cheese; Red Enchiladas; Stir-Fried Orange Chicken; Roast Pork with Dried Plums; and Beef Stew with Tomatoes and Olives. The wonderful chapter on desserts offers Cream Puffs with Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce along with other savory dishes to top off any meal. Completing this perfect and enthusiastically recommended introductory cookbook for young chefs are chapters on "Essential Ingredients in the Kitchen"; "Cooking Terms"; "Cooking Equipment and Utensils"; and an Index.
— Midwest Book Review



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