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"'The International Cookbook for Kids' by Matthew Locricchio is just the kind of cookbook to give a child."
—Kansas City Star

"Young and old alike will have fun following classic recipes from four of the world’s finest cuisines—and then sitting down to a great meal."
—Chef Frank Brigtsen, Brigtsen’s Restaurant, New Orleans

"High praise is due, then, to Matthew Locricchio's 'The International Cookbook for Kids.'"
—Ann Arbor News

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Superchef Series Cookbooks

Matthew Locricchio's Superchef series is for kids who want to increase their cooking skills by using classic recipes from around the world.

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The Cooking of Brazil

The Cooking of China

The Cooking of France

The Cooking of Greece

The Cooking of India

The Cooking of Italy

The Cooking of Mexico

The Cooking of Thailand


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