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The Regions of India and How They Taste

The cuisine of India, with its fragrant spices and diverse cultural and religious influences, has been thousands of years in the making. Family recipes have been handed down for generations, so often the best food is found not in restaurants,but in someone's home where sharing food is an expression of hospitality. When entering a family's home in India, you are likely to be offered something to eat as a way of welcoming you. It is regarded as rude to refuse it.   more...

The Cooking of India

by Matthew Locricchio

Book Contents



  • Chicken Stock
  • Ginger and Peanut Soup

Bread, Chutneys, Cheese, & Cooking Oil

  • Indian Bread
  • Banana and Date Chutney
  • Carrot Chutney
  • Fresh Indian Cheese
  • Indian Clarified Butter

Rice Dishes & Spice

  • Plain Indian Rice
  • Royal Rice and Vegetables
  • Garam Masala

Vegetable Dishes

  • Garden Vegetable Stew with Coconut
  • Spinach
  • Fresh Indian Cheese with Peas,Tomatoes, and Mint

Main Dishes

  • Lamb Curry
  • Spicy Chicken
  • Pork Tenderloin from Goa
  • Fish and Coconut Stew


  • Sesame Nut Cookies
  • Sweet Rice Pudding

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